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Review For Us 

One of the ways that we ensure the quality and rigour of the information that we publish on MedicalEd.Org, and within the articles that make up the Physician Associate Journal is through the process of blind peer review. This is where we seek feedback on content and articles form individuals who hold a specific knowledge on the subject and are in a position to provide an opinion both in terms of its clinical accuracy and educational value. 

Peer Review Is Essential To Our Quality  


We are always looking for motivated individuals to become reviewers and apprise new content and journal articles. We are an inclusive and supportive community who look to support new authors to develop their writing style, content and confidence in publication. To help us realise this aim we look to those who review for us to do so in a nurturing, supportive and constructive manner. We ask therefore that all reviews are submitted acknowledge this in the tone and language of the reviewer's comments. This ethos in no way diminishes the responsibility of reviewers to provide an honest review of articles and learning activities. 


The type of reviews that we require differ by the type of content that is under review. For journal articles, we ask reviewers to comment on the readability and fit of the article as well as the accuracy of clinical content. As such it is important that reviewers hold subject specialism in the topic of the article so that an authoritative opening can be provided. This is the reason why we ask you to identify the areas that you are able to review articles on with confidence. We will only ask you to review material that you are confident and competent in. 


We ask you to provide comments on the work as well as a  recommended decision which will either be:

  • Accept without revisions,

  • Accept with revisions 

  • Not currently suitable.


Our review process is completed electronically. After you have registered your interest we will send you an email confirming that you have been approved and added to the database of reviewers. When an article is that matches your subject specialism is submitted we will send you a link to this article so that you can access the work and complete the needed reviewer's documentation. We can't publish any content or provide feedback to authors until your review is received. To assist us in completing this and to meet publishing deadlines we ask that you complete the review within the agreed time scale. 

Become a Reviewer

Student Reviewers

As well as reviews from subject specialists we also seek the views of students and other learners who are best placed to identify the usability and educational value of content. To help us continuously improve our resources and deliver engaging content.  

Supporting You In the Review Process 

 We recognise that some professions will be less experienced in the process of a peer review than others. Just like we wish to support new authors, we also want to support new reviewers and we offer a free short training session to assist you in getting to grips with the role of a reviewer, the responsibilities that are associated with the role and also the practical aspects of completing the necessary documentation. 

You will always have access to a member of our editorial team who will be able to discuss any issues and answers any questions during the processes. 

Sign Up Now 

If you would like to join our reviewer's database then please complete the below registration form and we will be in contact with you to arange things. 

Register to Become A Reviewer 

Please fill out the following expression of interests form to register as becoming interested in reviewing for us. 
Have you previously reviewed work for publication in the past?
Have you previously had work published in a professional / accidemic journal?
Please indicate the subject areas that you are happy to review upon:
Upload File
Please declare any conflicts of interest that if later discovered could embarrass you, the author or us. Its ok to have a conflict of interests, but this must be disclosed. Do you have any conflicting interests?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a reviewer, we will be in touch with you shortly.  

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