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Medical Simulators

Medical Simulators

Clinical simulation in all of its guises is fundamentally important in medical education. We have developed a range of simulators that increase access to simulation without compromising realism or procedural correctness. Developed by lectures with extensive experience in clinical simulation our current range of simulators are shown below with many more in development. Each of our simulators can be purchased in our store or rented through our skills box programme.  

Otoscopy Trainer  

Developed to train practitioners on the skill or ear examination using an otoscope/auriscope out otoscope trainer bosts 12 different views of the tympanic membrane. This trainer helps to develop skills in correct handling of the auroscope and visual recognition of both the normal and pathologic tympanic membrane. 

Male Catheterisation Trainers 

Urethral catheterisation is commonly performed clinical skill. The potential to introduce infection or cause urethral injury is tremendous if an incorrect technique is deployed. Small enough to be used independently or as a part of hybrid simulation our male catheterization trainer facilitates learning, practice and assessment of this fundermental clinical skill

PV Trainer 2
Gynaecology Trainer 

Teaching skills in speculum handling, recognition of cervical pathologies as well as the collection of pap smears and high vaginal swabs. Our gynaecology trainer was developed in response to frustration by a lack of realism that traditional simulators that lacked realism in response to speculum insertion, handling and feedback. Equipped with five interchangeable cervices you can simulate anything from a normal cervical appearance, through ectropion, cervicitis to cervical malignancy to an open OS with or without discharge of uterine products. 

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