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Test Tubes

Home Learning Kits & Skills Boxes 

When CODID-19 changed the world we knew we had to be innovative in our response. To enable health professionals and students of the professions to keep learning essential skills in a safe and effective way without compromising the quality of the learning experience we invented RESOL, Resource Enhanced Supported Online Learning.


While COVID-19 has triggered innovation in online learning there remains some clinical skills that need hands-on experience to develop both competency & proficiency. To meet this need we developed our skills boxes and home learning kits. Combined with our engaging online learning RESOL was born.  

RESOL delivers simulation learning resources, along with all the medical equipment needed, directly to students homes so that they can learn and practice essential medical skills in a COVID safe manner. Supported by our bespoke online learning packages students can learn new skills, practice multiple times and even undertake written assessments, OSCES online and gain certification of learning. 

Or 'Skills Boxes' can either be purchased directly from or store or hired by individuals from our clinical skills library. Our SkillsBoxes are reusable multiple times making them not only Ideal for educating large numbers of students during the COVID-19 pandemic but the easy set up makes them ideal for teaching multiple clinical skill and maximising hands-on practice in the clinical skills lab setting. 

SkillsBox: Nursing SimPad 


Our nursing SimPad is fully equipped to teach core nursing skills. From wound & stoma care, through to catheterization, IM, SC & IV injections cannulation, Infusions. Nasogastric tube insertion and suture and staple removable. This SimPad packs a punch in being able to deliver over 20 clinical skills in a small and convenient package.    

SkillsBox: Medical SimPad 


The MedicalSkills box is tailored to developing the skills needed by Medical and Physician Associate students. Equipped with the ability to teach venepuncture, cannulation, suturing, nasogastric tube insertion and catheterization. As well as wound care. 

SkillsBox: Healthcare Resuscitation


The healthcare resuscitation skills box combines a portable compact resuscitation manakin with professional resuscitation equipment. Skills in basic life support, mouth to mask resuscitation, Bag, valve mask resuscitation as well as airway management can each be taught using this SkillBox.   

SimUPee Home Learning Kit 


SimUPee home learning kit teaches both the clinical skill of urine analysis using simulated urine and dipstick as well as how to interpret the results provided. Taking a case based approach the online learning package which accompanies this home learning kit teaches correct patient identification, the skill of urine dipstick testing as well as important renal pathophysiology and pharmacology.

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